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Drawing from experience in immersive theater, events, community building and an obsession with all types of games, Rogue Signal develops experiences that leverage game design and storytelling techniques to facilitate team-building and engage communities and customers in ways no one else can.

Our game modules are written and planned with accessibility in mind and can be customized to any occasion or group. It’s not just a scavenger hunt. Your players will solve puzzles, shoot targets, pick locks, or go on an adventure.

why go rogue?


Some use gamification to mean there’s a leaderboard and players get points, but poorly designed gamification can demotivate players. Rogue Signal understands how to motivate your players and uses game design and storytelling techniques to make experiences better.

Team Building

When you support your teams, they support you. So stop doing tedious or even demotivating team building exercises and do something engaging and memorable for your office holiday party or employee engagement party this year. Real gamified team building grows bonds between players, increases morale and keeps your top talent engaged.


For eons, cultures have used storytelling to pass down their history. We engage audiences with your story so they leave feeling entertained as well as connected.

Customer Engagement

If you're not providing an experience, your customers have little reason to engage with your brand. Rogue Signal Modules and custom activations engage players in a way that nothing else can, by building connections and memories.  

Custom Work

You may want to change a Module to better reflect your brand or request a completely custom experience built with your specific goals in mind. Either way, Rogue Signal will assemble the best team of storytellers, performers, game designers, and artists to create your team building scavenger hunt, experiential marketing or live game project.


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A Module is a play-ready experience like a board game that many people can play in different roles at the same time. We've developed and play tested these games so they are fun, easy to manage, and engage players of all types through real experience. Some modules are so straightforward, you may not need any assistance from us at all.


Our custom work often builds on the known success of these game experiences with changes as simple as adjusting the challenges for your group or as complex as building an entirely new custom Module with your unique goals in mind.


Pricing is available at sales@roguesignal.io or through our contact form below.


In this fantasy battle game, two teams of players self-direct and work together on activities like firing octopus from catapults, organizing puzzle solving teams, planning strategy, studying the competition, or building defensive walls.


Players compete to be the last person standing in this module inspired The Hunger Games and Battle Royale. The Battle Wheel spins and randomly selects both challenges and players to compete. One loss and you’re out. Not for the faint of heart.

Party Control

Two factions want control of your party, and they’ve each brought their own DJ! Players compete across three different mini-games for either or both factions in this unique game that lets party attendees vote on the party’s tone.

7 Ghosts

You’re trapped inside The House of 7 Ghosts and you’ll need the help of your friends and Rogue Signal’s Aethyr Radio and other cool ghost-hunting tools to solve all 7 murders before time is up, or the ghosts may never let you leave.

Custom Modules

As easy as adjusting challenges for your group or as complex as a entirely new Module with your unique goals in mind.

previous custom projects

|)ruid’s Battle Royale

The custom game that inspired the Battlegrounds module. Exploding collars, a wheel of death, and respawning competitors made this crazy fast-paced game popular with competitors.

LOL Bitcoin Access Challenge

One of our first games. A puzzle challenge that tested the players on various types of hacking and information security challenges and gave the best of them access to a private party at DEFCON 2013.

Project Mayhem

A scavenger hunt that’s more than just a list of photos. Unlockable paths, lockpicking, hidden side quests, and more made this bar crawl and skills challenge incredibly fun.

Singularity Quest

Our take on the boring Expo Passport Game. Level yourself up, progress through the story and defeat the MegaMind by engaging with sponsors and exhibitors.

WOPR FM Cryptography Puzzle

An immersive cryptography game with an original story where players found ciphers in conference materials, listened in on a custom radio station, and spoke with AI to solve the puzzle.

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