Immersive Storytelling ARGs (Alternate Reality Games) + Experiences That Inspire Us

Here at Rogue Signal we’re constantly inspired by the amazing work being put out by others. Below, check out a few of our favorite experiences/ ARGs ever. Not familiar with ARGs? This article will get you started.

  1. Overlook Film Festival
    With festivals having taken off and the market being flooded with options, the Overlook Film Festival has taken the cake with immersive experiences and performances to accompany the more traditional programming. Crafted as a site-specific experience for your entire stay at the hotel The Shining made famous – The Overlook Hotel – the festival included programming ranging from film debuts and parties to secret societies, challenges and extreme haunted houses. Chilling!

    A performance of Blackout. Photo: Overlook Film Festival

  2. Cicada_3301
    Almost as eerie as it is cryptic, Cicada_3301 is comprised of a set of puzzles published on the internet thought to be a recruitment tool (though what for is unknown). Perhaps ‘only’ an ARG, Ciccada_3301 has an extensive list of referenced media & mentioned locations, likely only adding to the air of mystery. At this time, no group or person has claimed responsibility for the puzzles. The mystery continues.

    The Cicada_3301 Logo – By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

  3. The Latitude Society
    Though considered a ‘failed startup’, the memory of The Latitude Society lives on in tales like this one. Nonchalance was a startup out of the Bay Area with a vision of making thrilling, immersive experiences as addictive as theme park attractions. With sleek membership cards, private meetings, hidden logos, and town-hall style meet-ups, The Latitude Society gave members perhaps more questions than answers. We can all hope we see more from the creators in the future.

    Latitude Society membership card. Photo by Matt Weinberger

  4. Odyssey Works
    Odyssey Works is a group that works to create immersive, intricate performances for ‘an audience of one’. Using multiple locations, forms of media – as elaborate as custom-created books – and more to create a immensely personal performance piece that may last a few days or weeks. To get a good idea of just how intricate and life-changing these performances are, take a gander through their list of past works.