The Best Affordable Team Building Experiences

We always want to show our employees how much we appreciate them, and using that opportunity to foster better friendships & encourage communication through team-building can pay itself back. Below we’ve collected a list of the currently available best inexpensive team building activities for small teams. Whether you want it to be a boozy activity to let off steam, or a fun team building adventure – we’ve got you covered.


A successful escape team from an escape room.
Escape Rooms $20-$40/person
Many people have had the opportunity to try a small escape room with their friends, now up the ante and do it with coworkers. Escape Rooms each have a storyline – ranging from ‘Who Done It’ style to escaping from a prison – with clues, puzzles, and locks to overcome. Finish the challenge within the allotted time to win. Most cities have fun team building activities like escape rooms now, including The Great Escape Room. To find one near you, search for your city with ‘Escape Room’ and many options are sure to surface. Note though that this is best for smaller groups, and most have a restriction of 10-12 people.

An example game of Pandemic!
Pandemic $10/person

Perhaps one of our most cost-effective group activities that can be done within a night- try a truly cooperative game line Pandemic. Each game is up to 4 people and is a classic tabletop activity. The game? Catch and control contagious diseases before they leave major port cities and create a (you guessed it) Pandemic. Upside? Play as many times as you like! And similar to Risk, no two games are identical. If you like Pandemic, there are several cooperative board games that make for great regular team building activities.

DIY Scavenger Hunts $0 – ?
There are plenty of ways to run your own scavenger hunt, whether on pen and paper, or through a Slack channel, or on a number of scavenger hunt apps. Even though this is an effectively free team building exercise, you can expect it to take up a lot of your time. To get you started quickly, check out this handy guide on outdoor scavenger hunts for adults.

Axe throwing at urban axes.
Axe Throwing / Skeeball / Bocce Ball/ Skill -Based Competitions $20-40/person

Everyone likes team games and a bit of friendly competition. Many bars these days have skeeball competition availability (check out BrewskeeBall) and a few lucky cities have axe throwing and Bocce Ball competitions. Be aware of any mobility needs though!

Improv Workshops $45/person
Improv workshops are available all over the country and at varying price points and class sizes . Check out a local improv theater & see what their daytime class rates are like. Bonus if you can bring your own alcohol & snacks to loosen everyone up. If your team is non-social or lower energy this may not be a great choice for everyone…

Volunteering at Central Texas Food Bank

Photo via Central Texas Food Bank

Volunteer for a Charity $0/person
But you’ll probably buy your team lunch, so you should still plan for those costs. Make sure to choose a charity that everyone can get behind and has work of all types available for your employees. Often, food banks or restore locations can utilize people in all varieties of jobs & strengths. To find the right fit, check out Volunteer Match.

Just going to lunch together $20+/person
Tried and true. Everyone loves free food. Corporate events can find a place with a private room, bonus points if they have TVs that can be displayed. This would be a great time for a recap slideshow or update on how well work is going.

Skeeball champions celebrating a win!

Skeeball Championships photo via Meg Trahan